"Mom Bomb"

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Last year on Mother's Day, I had the privilege of holding my own mother's hand while sitting in church.

This year, no mom and no church.

My mom gracefully returned to heaven.

And Covid-19 closed down all the churches.


I'm glad I didn't let that defeat me.

Because this Mother's Day will not be easily forgotten.

Over Mother's Day weekend, Food Bomber delivered 102 meals to powerful single-mom families simply to say, "Happy Mother's Day. We are inspired by your fortitude always, and especially during this challenging time in the world." It resulted in sobs of gratitude (on both sides). Thank you to these amazing women for their influence.

A BIG COLLECTIVE THANK YOU to all the supporters and donors of Food Bomber - YOU ARE TRULY AN AMAZING BUNCH! Thank you to my awesome family (aka The Food Bomber Team), including my sweet husband and the two midgets who call me mom, my dad (the Food Bomber "ninja"), and any who have mothered me and whom I'd love to be more like (namely my late mother, Patty, and Sherry). Thank you also to the Todds, our fantastic neighbors and friends, for their unwavering support and participation as the delivery crew for "mom bomb". This Mother's Day has been as memorable as ever. You have made possible some wonderful and miraculous things. There's no other group of people I'd rather go through a worldwide pandemic with, than you ;-)

And a special thank you to Ashley with Shep's Culinary Creations for the fantastic idea to "mom bomb" the valley... plus, the mouthwatering meals she prepared.

My mother loved to love. She was one of the biggest hearts to ever live.

One final THANK YOU to my mom...

For your help with this project on the other side.

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