Food Bomber Strikes Teachers, Delivery Drivers & Police Force

Amidst this worldwide pandemic, there are very polarizing views.

No matter.

Let's take the high road.

In the words of Gordon B. Hinckley, "Forget yourself, and go to work."

During WWII, such crisis arose that most all who were able went to work. Considering this was an era of deep prejudices, this is astounding! And a profound testament that crisis has the potential to create a rare and beautiful comaraderie. Throughout our journey with Food Bomber, we have witnessed this very thing... and it's been breathtaking!

A couple months ago, Food Bomber ran out of funds. We felt such gratitude for the experience and all who gave so generously to make it happen. Then, unexpectedly, funds grew more wildly than ever before. Hence, Food Bomber is back in action and we are thrilled!

In addition to Healthcare Professionals, we will target the following essential and front line workers: Teachers, Delivery Drivers, and Police Force. Here's a brief explanation for why:

A close family member is an elementary school teacher. Early this year, she was diagnosed with an advanced stage cancer. In the thick of chemotherapy treatments, Covid-19 hit hard. Of the many times I've asked her, "How are you?" She consistently replies, "Doing great!" Her circumstances group her among the most vulnerable populations for Covid-19; however, she courageously resumed teaching on schedule with the start of the new school year. She alongside many other heroic teachers.

While so many of us shelter in place, the demands on delivery drivers have increased drastically. For several months, they have been delivering a "Christmas load" so that we all can safely and comfortably hunker down. In Utah County, UPS drivers are delivering upwards of 40,000 packages per day, as opposed to the normal 25,000. They're exhausted, but they continue to devote themselves daily to the task.

On May 28, Officer Nathan Lyday, a member of the Ogden City Police Force, was killed in the line-of-duty at the scene of a reported domestic violence incident. The perpetrator fired a shot from inside the home, hitting and killing Lyday instantly. In this tragedy, 24-year-old Lyday left behind a young, grieving widow. It's estimated that domestic violence has increased locally as much as 75% since the onset of Covid-19.

We're in awe at the devotion and personal sacrifice of our community heroes.

Let's show them a little love.

Because, we truly are...


Join us!

Here's how:

  1. Donate to Food Bomber. Keep the meals flowing and the good news rolling!

  2. Post a picture to Instagram with one of YOUR Covid-19 heroes and a thank you message #justamomclub

  3. Follow us on social media and help spread the word!

  4. Find your own ways to help during the pandemic... then tell us about it!

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