Food Bomber

Updated: May 1, 2020

Do you know someone on the frontlines?

My sister is an ER Nurse at a local hospital. 

She cares for people who are afflicted with COVID-19.

And she courageously walks right into the fire to do it.

She is one of my heroes.

She’s swabbed so many noses lately that she is the self-proclaimed, “Queen Nose-picker!”

Often, there isn't time to sit down and eat a meal during a 12-hour shift.

She quickly inhales whatever is in the break room.

Then she's back on the frontlines, risking her own safety to offer hopeful life-saving care to perfect strangers.

And she's one of many.

Do you know someone struggling to keep their business afloat?

My dad recently introduced us to a local small business owner.

She concocts delicious meals and treats that she sells to earn a successful living.

She's also helping others to earn a living through employment.

Her business, like most, has been impacted by COVID-19.

Remember the story of the "Candy Bomber"?

During the Berlin Airlift, Colonel Gail Halvorsen dropped over 23 tons of candy via miniature parachute to the city's residents.

He did it to show support and boost morale.

And it worked.

We want to "Food Bomb" our local ER's, Fire Depts., etc.

ALL donations will allow us to enlist local restaurants for help.

Subsequently, it will also help the local restaurants.

A twofold mission...

Support our frontlines through supporting local restaurants.

If you're able and willing, we'd love your help!

To donate to the cause, please click HERE.

And, would you do us a favor?

Share this with others :-)


*ALL PROCEEDS go toward the cause. To see the results of your giving, follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

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