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Hi, my name is Heidi. Welcome to JAM Headquarters! JAM stands for "Just a Mom", which I proudly avow. As a dedicated mom-advocate, I aim to create a powerful sisterhood of devoted mothers contributing to, through this divine role, a better world — a mission which has cast me in many different roles: researcher, writer, facilitator, and celebrator.

When my mother was alive, she facilitated get-togethers with a group of women that she called "Lakeside Ladies". These women were a fun, entertaining, powerful bunch! And they grew to be dear friends and deeply influence each other's lives. The JAM Club is inspired, in part, by my mom. If you'd like to participate in or facilitate a JAM gathering, please select one of the options below.



Origination Story Cont.

Too many women either see themselves, or others see them, as "Just a Mom." However, the role of "Mother" is historically and arguably one of the most important and influential societal roles. Powerful moms often equates to powerful children who will, in companionship, shape the world.

Beginning as early as my own childhood, I knew I wanted to be a mother. I, however, lived a number of childless years (35 to be exact) and, at times, wondered if this aspiration would ever be realized. When God generously guided me to my husband, and, three years later, sent us a beautiful baby bundle, my world completely lit up. This journey on uncharted territory, motherhood, has captained the grandest adventure of my lifetime thus far!

Turns out the role of "Just a Mom" (aka raising little humans) is a pretty big deal; it's a sacred, though reasonably tough and often unsung, responsibility. Hence, Essie (she is, after all, my right hand gal) and I decided to start The JAM Club to enhance and celebrate motherhood, help other women to do the same, and finally to show the world the unmatched superpower of "Just a Mom!"

I’ve got serious mom-pride!


Do you?



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